• PVC Pipes


      Corrosion proof PVC pipes outperform plastic pipes and deals better with substances like acids, water and other wastes. PVC pipes are more durable and long lasting than regular pipes.

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      PVC Pipes Are Replacement Of Cement , Gl And Cl Pipes Due To Light Weight , Rust –Proof, It Is Easier To Transport And Better Life . It Is Highly Suitable For, Agriculture , Drinking Water Supply, Building Construction, Bore Well And Plumbing System.

      Main Features

      › Manufactured From High Quality PVC Raw Materials.
      › Excellent Resistance To Corrosion And Chemicals.
      › High Flow Characteristics.
      › Light In Weight & Long Life.
      › Easy To Handle & Transport.
      › Very Low Frictional Losses.
      › Can Protect Form Frost & Rodent.
      › Smooth Inner Bore – Hence No Scale Build.

      Advantages Of PVC Pipes::

      Energy Efficient ›
      Less Energy Is Required To Manufacture PVC Than Most Other Pipe Materials.

      Lightweight ›
      PVC’s Lighter Weight Makes It Easier And Less Costly To Handle, Transport And Install. In Fact, Most PVC Pipe Sizes Can Be Handled Manually, Reducing The Need For Expensive Installation Equipment.

      Excellent Flow Characteristics ›
      Sludge, Slime And Other Residue Buildups Are Virtually Nonexistent Because Of PVC Pipe’s Extremely Smooth Inner Surface.

      Higher Flow Rates ›
      The Smooth Interior Walls Of PVC Pipe Translate Into Increased Flow Rates At Flatter Grades, Resulting In Reduced Trenching Costs And Fewer Lift Stations.

      Tough But Flexible ›
      PVC Will Resist Earth And Live Load Deflection And Will Bend Under Shifting Soil Conditions.

      Non-Corrosive ›
      PVC Will Withstand “Hot Soil” Conditions. In Fact, PVC Requires Virtually No Maintenance. But If It Does Become Damaged, It Can Be Easily Hand-Cut And Repaired, Resulting In Lower Repair Costs And Less Interruption In Water Service To The Consumer.