• PVC Boards

      PVC board like WPC boards can be cut and drill easily than wood. PVC panels can be glued faster than wood panels. PVC Foam boards are exclusively used in modular kitchens, fences and decks.

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      PVC foam board is the best building material due to it’s environment friendly nature. It is widely designed for digital printing, screen printing, signs, displays, and constructions application and building.

      The PVC foam board contains PVC mouldings, PVC Celuka Foam Board, PVC Crust Foam Board, Cellular PVC trim boards.

      PVC foam board is the best replacement for lumber, aluminum; amalgamated page Crusting denture area is extremely sleek, huge solidity, quite hard that will scuff, commonly used in making display cases, pieces of furniture, and so forth.

      PVC foam board also referred to as Chevron board plus Andy board, is key in buses, locomotive cars roof package center part, interior systems, the particular alternative wall space belonging to the building board, adornment board, place of work, household plus court building, industrial attractive mode, wash living room having a denture, roof systems, display stamping, personal computer lettering, advertising brand, exhibit systems, indications with the board albums decks along with other market sectors plus element anti-corrosion executive, thermoforming components, chilly storeroom having a board, special chilly task topographical formwork, sports activities tools, grinding with materials waterfront services, humidity, water-resistant materials, art work materials plus plenty of lightweight partition rather than the particular goblet roof, and so forth.

      Element makeup involving PVC foam board is polyvinyl chloride.

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